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Thursday, 18 December 2014

A Little Chaos - Trailer - Song / Music

  Movie Title (Original/US):  A Little Chaos
  Filmtitel (Deutsch):              Die Gärtnerin von Versailles
  IMDb Entry/Eintrag:  

A Little Chaos (Movie) - Trailer - Song / Music

Movietrailer: A Little Chaos - Trailer

Song / Music used in this trailer:

Veigar Margeirsson (Position Music) - Rise Above:
(via Soundcloud) 


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  1. What is the piece played from the beginning to 1:20?

    1. There are three musical pieces playing from the beginning of the trailer to minute 1:29, I guess you're looking for all of them? I can only tell you that the regarding music is not from the score of the movie, according to its composer Peter Gregson. I don't have more information here.

  2. Is there no name of the music that starts at the begin and end at 0:52? :(

    1. Hello, I don't know the music used here, sorry.