Monday, 8 February 2016

The Jungle Book (2016) - 'Big Game' Trailer - Song(s) / Music - UPDATE

  Movie Title (Original/US):  The Jungle Book
  Filmtitel (Deutsch):              Das Dschungelbuch
  IMDb Entry/Eintrag:  

The Jungle Book (2016 / Movie) - 'Big Game' Trailer - Screenshot

Movietrailer: The Jungle Book (2016) - 'Big Game' Trailer

Song(s) / Music used in this trailer:

Aleksandar Dimitrijevic (Immediate Music) - Apocalypse:

(Update 2)
The Hit House - The Bare Necessities:
(via Soundcloud)

Update 1: The trailer also features the track 'Natural Killers' by Immediate
Music at the beginning.

Note: The trailer also uses a new arrangement of the song 'The Bare
Necessities' (from the movie soundtrack of the classic 1967 version of 'The
Jungle Book'), which was done here by The Hit House. / Update 2: The Hit
House have released their version of the track 'The Bare Necessities' on
Soundcloud. I've now embedded the track above :-).

P.S.: Really like the arrangement, sounds awesome  :-)!


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    What name instrumental music from jungle book trailer? Please help

    1. I don't know the music used at that time in the featurette, sorry.