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Friday, 5 February 2016

Archer - Season 7 'Archer P.I.' Teaser - Song / Music

  TV-Show (Original/US):  Archer
  TV-Serie (Deutsch):          Archer
  IMDb Entry/Eintrag:        http:/

Archer (TV-Show / Series) - Season 7 'Archer P.I.' Teaser - Screenshot

TV-Show Trailer: Archer - Season 7 'Archer P.I.' Teaser
(Note I: Nice homage to the Magnum P.I. intro (main version)!)

Song / Music used in this teaser:

Mike Post/Pete Carpenter (Composers) feat. Larry Carlton - Magnum P.I. Theme (Standard/Iconic Version as it seems (not the public available LP version), slightly modified (reverberation)):
(Note II: It seems that only the extended LP version of this theme, which is
unfortunately a bit different (e.g. slower) than its standard / iconic version, is
publicly available here.)

Watch here a nice side by side comparison of the two videos:

Note III: You can find a good overview of the Magnum P.I. theme variations of
the jazzy original (didn't know that one before) and the standard theme here: Also, here's a summary about
the development of the opening credits:

P.S.: I just really love this rocking, energetic track :-)! Never gets old.


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  1. Pls provide name of the song used in trailer for Zipper 2015 Movie

    1. I don't know the music used here.(Btw. which song do you mean exactly, there are two tracks in the trailer.) The first one sounds like it could be perhaps from H. Scott Salinas, who did the score of the movie. Can't say if that one is actually from the score - the cue sounds like it MIGHT be perhaps from the track 'Zipper Problem', but that's just a guess and probably rather not the case. There's no preview of the full track available as it seems, so I can't really check this. I don't have any info about the second track.

  2. Sir I have found the song but i dont know how to download the mp3 from above link the song name is Control. is there any where i can get the mp3 for free pls guide me

    1. Hello - so the song in question here was the second track from the Zipper trailer. Good find! They seemed to have used an instrumental version of it here. Regarding the song - you can buy the vocal / normal version of this track on Amazon or iTunes. There's also the possibility of listening to the vocal version on Soundcloud. What I can't and won't do here is providing tips about how to get music for free, if the composer / musician of the regarding song didn't intend to share his work this way.