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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Newsticker #22 - UPD. / CORR.1-2

Trailermusic Newsticker 22 - Picture

Songs / Music / Sound Design used in (new and old) Teasers / Trailers / TV-Spots:
(Note: Mentioned Teasers / Trailers / TV-Spots can contain additional Music.)

A Bigger Splash - (US) Trailer / Note: This is basically the UK trailer of the movie, which was released one month ago.
Track: Thee Attacks - I Know What I Want

Cuckoo - Season 3 Teaser
Track #1: Salt 'n' Pepa - Whatta Man

Eddie the Eagle - Superbowl 50 / 2016 TV Spot 
Track: audiomachine - Eternal Flame

Green Room - Red Band Trailer
Track: Mourning Ritual - Bad Moon Rising / Note: The trailer uses the vocal, and as it seems an instrumental version of the track.

Happy Valley - Season 2 Teaser
Track: Elle King - Where The Devil Don't Go / Note: The teaser may also use here an instrumental version of the track.

High-Rise - UK Main Trailer
Track: Com Truise - Data Kiss

Jason Bourne - Superbowl 50 / 2016 TV Spot - (UPD. / CORR. 1.5 / 2)
Track(s): Twelve Titans Music seems to have been responsible for the sound of the spot. Either they arranged the sound design - or part(s) of it - themselves, or an other company used their music here. (Changed this text yesterday. In its first version, I just wrote that TTM was involved in the music production of the spot. ((U/C 2)) / In the spot, you can shortly hear a version of the track 'Extreme Ways' by Moby, which has been used (now in several versions) in all Bourne movies so far. (Or to be more exact, you could say that the teaser shortly plays a cue here with a modified sample / modified samples of the beginning of the song (cover) 'Everybody's Talkin' by Hugo Winterhalter, which the track 'Extreme Ways' uses (modified) :D. (U/C 1.5))

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst - Story Trailer 'I Am Faith' - (UPD. / CORR. 1)
Track: Daniel James (HybridTwo) - (M.E.C. 'I Am Faith') Story Trailer Theme / Note: The track seems to have been partially enhanced for the trailer. (U/C)

Nine Legends - Trailer
Track: Edvard Grieg - In The Hall Of The Mountain King

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows - Super Bowl 50 / 2016 TV Spot
Track: The Beastie Boys - No Sleep Till Brooklyn / Note: The spot seems to use a modified / slightly sped up version of the song.


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  1. Do you know the name of the song played in the "Criminal" trailer? (starring Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Costner and Gal Gadot). It starts at 1:11...

    1. Hello, I don't know this music. If I should find out something new here I'll reply again, and also probably make a post for it.

    2. Hello again - the track you're looking for here seems to be from Boomerang Music. It's not public availabe unfortunately, but it could be perhaps in the future.