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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Supergirl (2015) - Season 1 First Look Trailer - Song(s) / Music - UPDATE 4

  TV-Show (Original/US):  Supergirl (2015)
  TV-Serie (Deutsch):          Supergirl (2015)
  IMDb Entry/Eintrag:

Supergirl (2015 / TV-Show / Series) - Season 1 First Look Trailer - Screenshot

TV-Show Trailer: Supergirl (2015) - Season 1 First Look Trailer

(Note I: Trailer contains possible spoilers. / UPDATE 2: The last song of the
trailer, 'Fight Song', seems to have been silently replaced with a new one. If I
should find this new (last) song I'll post it here. Below you can find now both
the modified and the original version of the trailer. / UPDATE 3: Well as it
seems, the new version of the trailer isn't available anymore. (At least not
in my region.)

Trailer - Version 2:

Trailer - Original Version:

Supergirl Trailer von CGMeetup

Songs / Music used in these trailers:

(Update 1)
Jo Blankenburg (Position Music) - Conquest of Antaria (No Choir):

(Update 4)
Tom Player (Position Music) - Euphoric Panic:

Clooney - Wham Bam:

Rachel Platten - Fight Song:
(Note II: This song can only be heard in the original version of the trailer.
Note III: The video below can't be played everywhere anymore unfortunately.
You can alternatively listen to the song at e.g. Soundcloud:

Note IV: You can watch the season 1 'Her Story' teaser of 'Supergirl (2015)'

Note V: You can watch the season 1 UK tv spot (Sky 1) of 'Supergirl (2015)'


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  1. Supergirl song is Fight Song by Rachel Platten

    1. Hi, yes that song is used in the trailer, I mention it in my post :-).

  2. Whats the song at 1:32?

  3. What is the song that has the lyrics pain behind the mask?

    1. Hello, I guess you're looking for the song called 'Uncover', where one of the composers is Harlin James. This seems to be production music. You can listen to it on YouTube.

  4. Did you ever find the song that replaced "Fight Song"? I'm apparently the only person who liked it, tried a google search of the limited lyrics that were there, couldn't find it.

    1. Hi, I have no new info regarding the song unfortunately, sorry.

    2. Hold On by Extreme Music

  5. New song in supergirl trailer is alive by Sia.

    1. Thanks for the info - I guess you mean the recent tv spot for the show from Sky 1? I've made a post for this spot, you can find it here:

  6. Hello, whats the song on 6th episode where she fights that red guy at 38.15 minutes. If u can find it i would really appreciate it!

  7. For listen all song until the last season search on Spotify supergirl sountrack