Monday, 31 August 2015

Downton Abbey - Season 6 Teaser - Song / Music

TV-Show (Original/US):  Downton Abbey
TV-Serie (Deutsch):          Downton Abbey
IMDb Entry/Eintrag:

Downton Abbey (TV-Show / Series) - Season 6 Teaser - Screenshot

TV-Show Trailer: Downton Abbey - Season 6 Teaser

Song / Music used in this teaser:

Lauren Aquilina - Time To Say Goodbye:

Preview of the track via Amazon UK:


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1 comment:

  1. Music from Season 6, Episode 5
    ... Neville Chamberlain visits Downton for dinner, and is drawn into Violet’s plan to save the hospital, and in the last part Tom talk with Neville Chamberlain ..After Robert is taken to the hospital.... You know the music played during this moment??...thanks you!