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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Carol - Teaser Trailer - Song / Music

  Movie Title (Original/US):  Carol
  Filmtitel (Deutsch):              Carol
  IMDb Entry/Eintrag:  

Carol (Movie) - Teaser Trailer - Song / Music

Movietrailer: Carol - Teaser Trailer

Song / Music used in this teaser:

Margaret Whiting - My Foolish Heart (1950 Recording Version):
(Note: You can find two versions of this (cover) song from Margaret Whiting -
the original (mono) recording from 1950, which is over three minutes long,
and a re-recording from 1959 in stereo, which has a new arrangement and
a length of about two and a half minutes. Below you can find now the
original version, which seems to have been enhanced / modified for the trailer.)

Note II: You can watch the final / online trailer of 'Carol' and listen to its
music here:


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  1. What is the piano music in the official u.s. trailer? I checked out the soundtrack by Carter Burwell on iTunes and it doesn't sound like any of them.

    1. Hello, I don't know which music is used here, sorry. If I should get to hear of something new regarding this, then I'll reply here again, and I'll also add the info to a newsticker post.

  2. do you know who did this instrumental piece for the final trailer for Carol? CAROL Official Final Trailer (2015)

    1. Hello, the track used in this trailer is: 'Dexter Britain - The Time To Run (Finale)'. I've now made a post for this trailer, you can find it here:

    2. NO IT'S NOT!! I wish people would STOP going around saying that!
      If you listen to Britain's song, it sounds NOTHING like the song sampled in this trailer. Absolutely NO PART of "The Time To Run (Finale)" plays in this trailer.

    3. @Kattryna Maxxwel 27 December 2015 at 20:00 What are you talking about? This person is asking about the same music he's asking in his comment below, he wants to know the instrumental of the 'Official Final Trailer' of Carol! (The trailer name should be from JoBlo Movie Trailers - it's called 'New Online Trailer' at the Weinstein Channel, or simply 'Official Trailer #2' at Movieclips Trailers.) I gave him here the EXACT, correct answer YOU gave him below, he is NOT asking about the first US trailer! How about reading the questions a bit more thoroughly before complaining, and writing in BIG LETTERS?

  3. who did the instrumental piece for this?

    1. The song in the link you provided here was done by Dexter Britain. The song is called "The Time to Run (Finale)" and you can find it here:

      The song in THIS trailer, however: remains unknown.

  4. The music was composed by "Immediate Music" only for the trailer, there's no original, recorded song unfortunately. "Immediate Music" is a provider of music for motion picture advertising, product advertising, television promos!New-Year-New-Placements/c11su/568814560cf236d40395be6f


    1. Hello Clara, thanks for the info, great find! (I'd just add here for the context that you're talking about the music for the US trailer of 'Carol' from September '15.) Didn't know that Immediate Music contributed music here, very interesting! There was no post on their Facebook page about this as it seems, that's a bit strange. Yes the track, which should be production music then, doesn't seem to be publicly available but for industrial use only. Otherwise they'd probably also offer it on Amazon or iTunes. The regarding post at the website of Immediate Music, where you provided the link, doesn't say now that it was specifically composed for this trailer (or do you know more here?), but it could be the case of course.

      Well again thanks for the info, one puzzle solved :-). Who knows, perhaps they will decide one day to publicly release the track.