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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Furious 7 - Trailer 2 - Song(s) / Music - UPDATE

  Movie Title (Original/US):  Furious 7
  Filmtitel (Deutsch):              Furious 7
  IMDb Entry/Eintrag:  

Furious 7 (Movie) - Official Trailer 2 - Screenshot

Movietrailer:  Furious 7 - Trailer 2

Songs / Music used in this trailer:

Lights & Motion - Faded Fluorescence:

Deadly Avenger (Riptide Music) - Interceptor:

Preview of the track via Riptide Music:

Bassnectar feat. Rye Rye - Now: 
(Note I: The song has been partially modified for the trailer.)

Note II: You can watch the first trailer of 'Furious 7' here:

Note III: You can watch tv spot 2 of 'Furious 7' here:

Note IV: You can watch the tv spots 8 & 9 of 'Furious 7' here:

Note V: You can watch the Super Bowl tv spot of 'Furious 7' here:


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  1. 2) Deadly Avenger (Splinter) – Interceptor

    1. Hello, thanks for the info. Before I checked the comments I just read about the track - guess you were faster in finding it here :-).

  2. Certainly gonna be fun. The action genre has died down in the last decade or two, and most of the ones we do get are just boring movies like The Expendables.