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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Cinderella (2015) - US Trailer 2 - Song / Music

  Movie Title (Original/US):  Cinderella (2015)
  Filmtitel (Deutsch):              Cinderella (2015)
  IMDb Entry/Eintrag:  

Cinderella (2015 / Movie) - US Trailer 2 - Screenshot

Movietrailer: Cinderella (2015) - US Trailer 2

Song / Music used in this trailer:

Ellie Goulding - My Blood:
(via Soundcloud)

Note I: You can watch the first US trailer of 'Cinderella (2015)' here:

Note II: You can watch the 'Midnight Changes Everything' sneak peek of
'Cinderella (2015)' here:

Note III: You can watch the 'Magical' UK tv spot of 'Cinderella (2015)' here:

Note IV: You can watch the 'A New Vision' tv spot of 'Cinderella (2015)'

Note V: You can watch the 'Conspiracy' tv spot of 'Cinderella (2015)' here:


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  1. Please tell me the name of this song used in cinderella trailer

    1. Hello, the singer sounds like Natacha Atlas, but I don't know the song used here, sorry.

    2. Hello again, now I know the song of this spot ('Cinderella - In Theatres Friday!'), thanks to a visitor of the blog. The track is called 'Vega', and the singer here is actually really Natacha Atlas. It's from the music production company Hi-Finesse, or more precisely from Erich Lee who works for (or with) Hi-Finesse, and it seems to have been partially modified / enhanced (drums) for the spot.

      The track is production music and isn't publicly available. You can listen to the original version of it on YouTube though, if you're searching for 'Hi-Finesse' and 'Vega'.

  2. Hi! can you please tell me the title of the song being used in this Cinderella trailer.. I've been looking everywhere but I couldn't find any reference.
    here's the link..

    1. Hello, I can tell you one song here which was used in this featurette - starting at minute 0:43 of the video, you can hear the track 'Matthew St. Laurent - Golden Daybreak'. Don't know about the oher music, sorry.

    2. exactly what I've been looking for. thanks a lot!

    3. That is great to hear! Originally I now wanted to specifiy my last reply to you here to avoid possible confusion, and add that the song 'Golden Daybreak' can be heard in the featurette from minute 0:43 to 1:07, because I thought the music after that was probably from another track. But that's not the case as it turns out, the song is indeed used here until the end! I only found previews of the track when I searched for it, so I couldn't compare the full track with the featurette music at first. Now though I found the full version in this 'mega mix' collection of fantasy music on YouTube (very first track!)->, and was able to compare the music. Long story short, the regarding song is used in the featurette from 0:43 until the end :-).