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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Awaken (2018) - (Teaser) Trailer - Song / Music Info

  Movie Title (Original/US):  Awaken (2018)
  Filmtitel (Deutsch):              Awaken (2018)
  IMDb Entry/Eintrag:  

Awaken (2018 / Movie) - (Teaser) Trailer - Screenshot

Movietrailer: Awaken (2018) - (Teaser) Trailer
(Note: Contains some flickering images.)

Song / Music used here:

(General Note I: The regarding trailer / teaser / tv spot can contain additional
(General Note II: The regarding trailer / teaser / tv spot may use a(n)
modified / enhanced version of the mentioned music below. It's also
possible that (additionally) an instrumental version of the music is used.)

M83 - Outro:

P.S.: Just an absolutely wonderful, beautiful piece of music. / Additional
Note (modified / new version): The trailer contains some very nice / great
pictures here.


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  1. The trailer of The Lego Ninjago Movie is released during Comic-Con, check it out!
    Trailer songs: Bad Blood by Taylor Swift

    1. Hello, I know the trailer but thanks for the notice. Besides 'Bad Blood', there's also 'Roxette - It Must Have Been Love' and two other songs which could be production music and I can't currently find. If I do (at least the last one), I'll probably make a post for this trailer.

  2. Hi.What name music in background?
    Please help

    1. Hi - my reply (or the replies, since you've posted several questions here in the blog) comes a bit late, sorry about that.

      It is nice to see that you're interested in trailer music. Just one thing, posting five questions (or in this case four different questions, one asked twice) at once is a bit much - one or two would be better. You can always ask additional questions after them.

      Regarding the music: I don't know what track is used here, sorry.

  3. Can you please identify the song in the beginning of this video (Crisis TV series trailer)

    1. Hello, the song you're looking for is called 'Cathedral', and is from the musician 'Harlan'. You can find it on Soundcloud. A visitor of the blog provided the track info last year, here for an other promo, a teaser of the tv show 'Orange Is the New Black', where the song can also be heard.

    2. Addition to my last reply: At the website of Harlan - - you can find a (free) download link for his EP '1984', which features the mentioned track.

    3. Thank you very much!
      I used to come here regularly, because it is easier to find the latest trailer music at one place.
      So thank you again!

  4. Еm primeiro lugar simplesmente porque sim!

  5. Removed comment:

    Cara Membuat Pupuk Hidroponik Cair1 / 9 March 2018 at 18:15

    it's give off killer teaser, amazing



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