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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Civilization VI - Announcement Trailer - Song / Music

  Game Title (Original/US):  Civilization VI
  Spieletitel (Deutsch):          Civilization VI
  IMDb Entry/Eintrag:           -

Civilization VI (Game) - Announcement Trailer - Screenshot

Gametrailer: Civilization VI - Announcement Trailer

Song / Music used in this trailer:
(General Note: The regarding trailer / teaser / tv spot may use a(n) modified /
enhanced version of the mentioned music below. It's also possible that
(additionally) an instrumental version of the music is used.)

John Murphy - Adagio In D Minor (Orchestra Mix):
(Note I: This track (original version) is better known as 'Sunshine (Adagio In
D Minor)'. / Via Soundcloud.)

As an extra, here's the great original 'Sunshine (Adagio In D Minor)' from
the soundtrack of the 2007 movie 'Sunshine', together with two remastered 
versions from John Murphy:

2013 Remastered Version:

2014 Remastered Version:
(Note II / Upd.: This seems to be a shortened version of the 2013 track.)

Note III: There's also a 2012 remastered version of this track.

Note IV: A variation (?) of 'Sunshine (Adagio In D Minor) can be found in
another track from the movie soundtrack - you can find it here if you'd
like to listen to it (its title contains a spoiler, so only click on the link if this
doesn't bother you):

P.S.: Regarding the Orchestra Mix: great version of this legendary track.


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  1. Hey! Hi! Check It out! There's a song in the Second trailer of Wreck-it Ralph 2!

    1. Hi, yes this trailer features the track 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger' by Daft Punk.