Thursday, 10 September 2015

The Leftovers - Season 2 Trailer 2 (Original Version) - Song / Music

  TV-Show (Original/US):  The Leftovers
  TV-Serie (Deutsch):          The Leftovers
  IMDb Entry/Eintrag:

The Leftovers (TV-Show / Series ) - Season 2  Trailer 2 - Screenshot

TV-Show Trailer: The Leftovers - Season 2 Trailer 2 (Original Version)
(Note I: HBO has removed this version of the trailer from its YouTube channel
and replaced it with basically the same one, only with a different background

Song / Music used in this trailer:

Fire Is A Phoenix - Change My Ways:
(Note II: The track seems to have been slightly enhanced (drums) for the

Note III: You can watch the first season 2 trailer (original version) of 'The
Leftovers' and listen to (part of) its music here:


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  1. This isn't the song. The song sounds like a girl is singing it and it sounds country. its more high pitched than this

    1. You probably mean an other trailer here. The post is for this trailer ->, which HBO has removed from its YouTube channel to replace it with basically the same one, only with different music. I'll update the post and change the video link, so the 'original' trailer can be viewed again to avoid further confusion. If you really should mean the original one - 'Change My Ways' by 'Fire Is A Phoenix' is the song used here. You can check their Facebook page, they mention its use in the trailer.

    2. Addition to my last reply: the music from the very beginning of the trailer stayed the same, but the main background song changed.