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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Teen Wolf - Season 5 'Supertease' Trailer - Song / Music

  TV-Show (Original/US):  Teen Wolf
  TV-Serie (Deutsch):          Teen Wolf
  IMDb Entry/Eintrag:

Teen Wolf (TV-Show / Series) - Season 5 'Supertease' Trailer - Screenshot

TV-Show Trailer: Teen Wolf - Season 5 'Supertease' Trailer

Song / Music used in this trailer:

Drew Lerdal (Composer) / ITG Studios ( ITG Music) - Chimes at Midnight:

Preview of the track via ITG:!details?id=8639285


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  1. Does anyone know the Instrumental Soundtrack used in Teen Wolf. I am talking about the scene (SEASON 4 EPISODE 4 - BENEFACTOR) when Scott tells Liam that he is not a monster but a Werewolf like him.

    The scene (SEASON 5 EPISODE 10 - STATUS ASTHMATICUS) when Scott tells Liam that he can not let him kill him and changes when getting power from the Super Moon.

    These both scenes are the same Instrumental Soundtracks, looked everywhere but can't find it.

    I thank you guys in Advance...


  2. unfortunately it's unofficial :(